How to cook the perfect honey and mustard glazed ham.

How to cook the perfect honey and mustard glazed and baked gammon ham joint. Take a large pan big enough to hold your gammon, leaving it in the vacuum bag immerse in water to boil on the hob. The vacuum bags will withstand the cooking this holds in the moisture and flavour of the ham. Cook the ham for approx an hour per kg size of joint. Or alternatively if you have a meat probe test the centre temperature to 75 degrees c to decide when the gammon is cooked.when the gammon is cooked let it cool by running cold water over the joint in the pan. When the meat is cool enough to handle remove from the bag, cut the strings and carefully remove the skin leaving the fat on the joint sliding your fingers to between the two. Score the fat with a crisscross pattern and brush on using a pastry brush a mixture of equal parts honey and mustard. Decorate with cloves by pushing them into the fat if you wish and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees c for 20 minutes just enough to colour the glaze to a golden brown but not dry the ham.


How to get the best pork crackling.

To get the best crackling from one of our shoulder, loin or leg joints of free range Gloucester old spot pork remove from the vacuum bag when you receive your order or the day before and place in the fridge on a plate to collect the juices uncovered so the skin can dry off. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees c the oven needs to be hot to produce perfect crackling. Rub salt into the skin of the pork and place in the oven. The skin should crackle and go crispy after about 30 minutes. At this stage turn the oven down to 150 degrees c to cook through the pork about and hour per kg of meat depending on the size of the joint.


The whole hog. Our article in "food lover" magazine.

The whole hog If you enjoy being a carnivore, every juicy, meaty mouthful and we are to rear pigs for the table they are to live (at the utmost a free range, foraging life with the sun on their backs we nurture that flavour with apples and acorns) and die for our table we owe those porcine beasts the respect to make use of every part of that animal and not let a bit go to waste. As the saying goes "you can use everything but the oink" It is possible to conjuring up great ways to feed a crowd cost effectively, ethically and surprisingly finding some very tasty recipes on the way. Traditionally when a pig was slaughtered every part of that animal was used for food production. We need to be conscious of food waste and food shortages.The blood was used for black puddings and boudin noir, all the meat was utilised for fresh cuts or preserved by methods for curing and drying producing bacon, salamis, chorizos and cured meats using a variety of methods all over the world. The back fat can be rendered (slowly heated and melted) to make lard. Take a look back to the past for recipes take inspiration from methods long forgotten used daily by skilled butchers and farmers wives and bring them back into use before they slip away as unimaginable snippets of history. In the old butchery books we reference for our recipes sausage and small goods dated 1935 we have found methods for pates and meat pastes, "savoury duck" which contains no duck at all but based on pig rind and liver with spices. They even go as far to suggest methods to make soap with the fats left over. Offal, the internal organs are over looked as an ingredient and all to often our noses are turned up thoughts going back to school dinners and tough liver! The liver, heart, kidneys, tongue and cheeks can be turned into faggots. We are seeing a real revival of the popularity of these tasty offal, sage and onion parcels wrapped in the traditional cawl fat from the pigs stomach on our stall at the farmers markets we attend always selling out as customers seek out comfort food evoking childhood memories of their mothers homemade versions served with creamy, buttery mash, onion gravy and mushy peas. Offal can be bought at a butchers shop relatively cheaply. They may sometimes use the term "pluck". This is the collective term for all the offal. A good butcher will be buying in whole carcuss of meat or sourcing straight from a farm and will want to be selling all of the animal not just the popular cuts so will be happy to advise. So you've got a the family coming round, a crowd to feed. Give them the whole hog experience. Start with a few nibbles while they wait for the main event. The Spanish make tapas similar to pork scratchings from pigs lips called morro. Utilise the rest of the pigs head to make brawn, a traditional British terrine dish to serve as a first course with some salad leaves with a spicy tomato and onion chutney on the side or pickles.Serve some faggots as the main course with the buttery mash, onion and red wine gravy, maybe those mushy peas and see how everyone is amazed at how tasty these morsels can be. Morro Trim the lips from a pigs head slicing thinly with a sharp knife ( tip- you can use the ears as well to make it go a bit further. Give them a good wash and slice thinly) If you can leave them uncovered on a dish in a fridge overnight to allow the skin to dry out they will crackle better. When you are ready to cook them mix up some sea salt, ground fennel seeds and black pepper. Sprinkle over the dried slices of pork ears and lips and toss so the are coated in the season mixture. You can deep fry them in the more traditional method for morro in batches to puffed up and crispy or as I prefer bake them in preheated oven spread out on a baking tray until crunchy and crisp.


Salami and chorizo back in stock soon.

Our salamis and chorizo will be back in stock in about 5 weeks. Due to high demand we have sold out and new stocks need to mature before they go back on sale.


Yeah we are now back in stock!

We are now back in stock of most things.. fresh pork, sausages and bacon. Hams will be ready in a couple of weeks when they finish curing. The salamis and chorizo will be a little longer while they mature.


There's a wild garlic fest going on down on the farm...

Down on the farm here we are making the most of the seasonal wild garlic making salami and fresh sausages with the abundant leaves. Both available to buy from our website.


Sausage and Salami making workshops at Clavelshay barn.

Places are available for a sausage and salami making course at Clavelshay barn on the Quantock hills. We will be letting you into the secrets of sausage and salami production and how you can produce these at home. The course takes place on Tuesday the 26 th of April and will include lunch and tastings of our cured meats and salamis. Follow the link for more information about Clavelshay barn and to book.


Hereford beef available to buy online.

Our grass fed Hereford beef is avaliable to buy online. Please e-mail us for details and prices.


Farm to fork street food..

We hit the streets with our own farm produced strret food via our Ellises farm field kitchen. Bringing the farm to the masses on the street. 12 slow smoked pulled pork with homemade coleslaw and BBQ sauces. Our hereford beef smoked slow and low in brioche buns pickles alongside pastramis and frankfurters.Look out for us at a local festival near you.





Salamis and chorizo back in stock.

We now have chorizo and salamis back in stock. Order on line, visit us at farmers market or come to the farm to get yours.


Taste of the West Silver award.

We are really pleased to have been awarded Silver by Taste of the West for our chorizo and also our black pepper salami. Avaliable at the farm and our usual farmers markets.


Ellises Farm Field Kitchen at a festival near you this summer !

We will be bringing the farm to the festival this summer and cooking up some of our amazing 12 hour smoked pulled, homemade frankfurter hotdogs, tradutional breed beef ribs and slow roast harrissa lamb at food festivals and shows in our field kitchen. See our   events list to find out where to get your hands on some.


Rose veal available from the farm and online.

We have high welfare rose veal reared by Westons farms at Bampton. Jersey bull calves from their milking herd. Butchered by us and available at farmers markets, from the farm and mail order sent by next day courier. Please e- mail to order. Escalopes Loin chops Diced casserole Minced Fillet Roasting joints of shoulder and breast Osso buco.


Order your Gloucester old spot hams for Easter.

Orders are now being taken for hams for Easter. Great for a family get to get her and the first picnic of the year. Order by Tuesday the 15 th of April for guarantee Easter delivery.


This week we have fresh Dartmoor greyface lamb available...

To order our Dartmoor grey face lamb please e-mail We will have legs of lamb, shoulders joints and chops.


Order now our Hereford beef for Christmas...

We have fresh grass fed Hereford beef for Christmas. Please e- mail to order a box of beef or just a special cut or joint.


We are going to be on the TV again...

Saturday the 16 th of November the farm will be on ITV 1 at 8.30 am. My boys will be the stars of this show "The Munch Box" talking you through what we do from thier point of view in this programme for childrens ITV also repeated on Sunday afternoon on CITV at 3pm.


British sausage week...

British sausage week runs from the 4th - 9th of November nationwide and sets out to celebrate the best of the British banger. We will have an exciting range of flavour for you at Wells, Taunton and Cullompton farmers markets this week. We will also be giving away free sausage recipe booklets by chef Simon Rimmer.

British sausage week runs from November the 4th to the 9th nation wide celebrating the best of British bangers!

We will have an exciting wide range of flavours avaliable at Wells, Taunton and Cullompton farmers markets this week. We will also be giving away free sausage recipe booklets. See you there!


We are on TV again soon....

Filming for the ITV childrens programe "The Munch Box" on the farm has been completed and the series starts on the 5th of October on Saturday mornings 8.30 am on ITV. 


We are back at Wells market....

We are back at Wells market every other Wednesday in the Somerset farmers markets section in front of the town hall.


All our hams are now nitrate free!

Now our gammon hams are nitrate free along with all our other products as we have perfected our dry cure without using nitrates or preservatives adding only bay leaf and juniper berries.


Did you see us on T.V.....

The filming we did back in September was shown on BBC1 on Wednesday the 30th of January on the Food Inspectors programe. If you did'nt see it and would like to catch it on BBC i player.


See the farm on the BBC soon......

We are going to be on the TV again in the next couple of weeks after filming back in the autumn. See our Gloucester old spots and the production of our salamis on BBC's Food inspectors.


New year planning ahead for summer shows.

Watch this space for details of shows and food festivals we will be attending this year.


The cameras have been here again!

The film cameras have been here again filming for BBC food inspectors. We will wait to see when it will be aired.


Salami back in stock !

After a long wait our salamis are now back in stock. Avaliable to order online now.


Fresh Hereford beef and Greyface Dartmoor lamb.

Fresh Hererford Beef will be butchered on April 16th and avaliable  from then on. Our grass fed lamb will be butchered on the 23rd of April. To place an order e-mail


**Chorizo back in stock**

Our air dried nitrate free chorizo sausage is now back in stock and avaliable to order on line again.


Our Grass fed Hereford beef is also avaliable from the farm.

We also produce a small amount of beef from our Hereford cows all reared and born on the farm here. Hung for 4 weeks and butchered on the farm.  Avliable fresh 4 times a year but frozen is always avaliable from the farm. Please e-mail to order or arrange delivery.


We are appearing on BBC Countryfile Sunday 5th of February.

BBC Countryfile have been filming here last week. Catch the episode on Sunday 5th of February 2012 or watch in on the BBC iplayer if you missed it. They have been filming me making salalmi and chorizo and the animals here on the farm. We had a litter of pigs born right on que the day before!


Buy online now.

Our products are now avaliable to buy online. Pay with your credit card and have our delicous pork sent next day by courier. Click on fresh pork and salami chorizo on the home page.


Yeah we are back in stock online!

We are now back in stock of most of the products online. Fresh pork, sausages and bacon are available. Hams in the next couple of weeks while they finish curing. The salamis and chorizo will be a little longer while they finish maturing.


Ellises Farm Field Kitchen at a festival near you this summer !

We will be cooking up our rare breed pork,lamb and beef in Ellises Farm field kitchen at food festivals and shows this summer bringing the farm to you serving up our 12 slow smoked pulled pork, beef ribs and slow roast harrisa lamb. 


Our grass fed Hereford beef available now.

Our own grass fed Hereford beef available now. Succulent steaks and joints from the farm or order e mail


Hereford beef.

Our grass fed Hereford beef available to order on line. E-mail us for details and prices.


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